Season 2


Evil Auntie's Evil Dead of Winter Soup - The Evil Dead Are Coming! Hide Your Soup! Released March 16, 2009


Evil Auntie - Celebrity Dessert Detective - Evil Auntie makes the Food of the Gods! Released May 20, 2009


Evil Auntie's Exotic Erotic Wedding CupCake - Just what every blushing bride wants to eat on her wedding day - and on her wedding night. Released July 3, 2009


Evil Auntie's Jurassic Omelette - Sit back and watch evolution pass by as you enjoy this omelet made from eggs still warm from the chicken. Released August 6, 2009


Evil Auntie in Gentlemen Prefer Kosher - An homage to Leslie's great grandparents. They loved food when they could afford it and were always ready for a good party. Released September 24, 2009


Evil Auntie's Recipe from the Mummy's Tomb - Evil Auntie throws caution to the wind and makes a recipe found in the tomb of an Egyptian mummy. Little does she know that the ancient curse lurks on her very doorstep. Released October 31, 2009


The Return of Titty Turkey - Every year at about the same time, our old friend Titty Turkey rides in from the sunset. Released November 25, 2009


Evil Auntie's Sugar Belly Fairies - As ballet season begins, Evil Auntie dances her way to the gingerbread village - much to the amazement of the corps de ballet. Released December 31, 2009



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