Evil Auntie Makes Chocolate (fudge) - Evil Auntie teaches her loyal viewers how to make chocolate in the microwave. Includes quick & easy recipe that even the kitchen clueless can do. Released June 15, 2007


Season 1


Evil Auntie Makes Shortbread - Another episode of the Evil Auntie cooking shows. Evil Auntie teaches her loyal viewers to make shortbread -- a traditional Scottish treat with a decidedly American flair. Recipe included. Released February 10, 2008


Evil Auntie Roasts Aphrodisiac Chicken - Evil Auntie entices her guests with delicious chicken that has been rubbed with herbs & spices before roasting. Although these herbs & spices are common in every kitchen, they have been known to be aphrodisiacs since ancient times. Released May 12, 2008


Evil Auntie Rolls American Sushi - Our sushi will be rolled with non-traditional and creative ingredients -- foods that anyone can buy in their local supermarket anywhere in America. Released September 25, 2008


Evil Auntie Bakes a Sexy Tart - Another great recipe from Evil Auntie using seasonal ingredients. She learned everything she knows about pumpkins back on the farm long ago. Released November 16, 2008


Evil Auntie's Titty Turkey - Evil Auntie gives you her tried & true recipe for sexy holiday turkey. Complete with a pair of tittys to keep the breast meat cool. Released November 23, 2008


Evil Auntie's Dance of the Christmas Viking - Wassail & Fondue - Evil Auntie's ancestor "Evil Hildegarde" shows how to light a fire under our holiday cheer. We will all be horny and cheesy. Released December 21, 2008



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